FLOVI - The leading provider of substance abuse treatment.

Kevin Barnhill

Founder & CEO

Kevin Barnhill has been in the healthcare field for 22 years. His passion has always been advocating for people who cannot help themselves. his 

love for the healthcare field led him to create Better Days Ahead which provides residential services and personal services; Day Program Adult Day Care which provides families with services for their disable members and MaryBee Home HealthCare which provides in home health care services. Mr. Barnhill has decided to expand his skills in healthcare to include substance abuse treatment and homeless support. With flovi clients will have the tools needed to create a positive impact in the world.

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About FloVi


FloVi was named after the founders grandmothers, Florida and Virginia. Flovi's mission is to significantly reduce substance abuse via their proven method treatment. We are focused on increasing the quality of life for the people in need by allowing them to maintain an outpatient treatment or residential treatment.

We welcome people from all walks of life. Flovi is an organization dedicated to the improvement of individuals through a combination of medical treatment, therapy, counseling, and faith. 

Let us help you in your journey to health and wellness. 

“The work Mr. Barnhill has done with my son is amazing! He is less withdrawn and more talkative”

— Jasmine Baker, Client

“The more I attend Mr. Barnhill's counseling sessions the more I feel like I can make it another day.”

— Anonymous, Client

Call us today on 252-452-8572

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